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  • Can I buy products in wholesale?
    Yes, we have wholesale available in self mined material. This includes Micastro Mine, Nevada Fluorite and Barite, Washington Quartz, and more. The specific products available on the website are not included in the wholesale items. Please email for pictures and pricing,
  • Do you have lower cost items?
    Yes! If you see a material you like or a locality you are interested in please send us an email with what you're looking for and in what price range you wish to buy. We would be happy to send pictures and make a deal for you. Also, feel free to click into our Facebook page ( this is where we post our lower cost and/or bulk items.
  • I'm looking for a specific mineral/crystal that's not on your page.
    If there's something specific you are looking for we may have it available for purchase or can obtain it for you and offer it to you for a fair price. Our entire inventory is not posted on the site and we have a large variety of products to offer. We are also well connected to other miners, in the US and around the world, and can obtain a number of items at the miner direct pricing our customers love.
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