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Our Story

When Rebecca met Anthony

Anthony, A.J., originated from Fresno, California. He came to the Pacific Northwest in 2008 and settled in the Vancouver, Washington area. Having always had a passion for the outdoors, he spent most of his time in the mountain regions of Southwest Washington. It wasn't long before he found all the beautiful geological wonders the area has to offer. Discovering his first crystal (a zeolite) started a new obsession. After that, AJ, spent most of his free time out mining and looking for new crystals.

Rebecca originated from Portland, Oregon. Having always had a passion for geology, she pursued a degree in the field. After receiving a BS in Geology from Portland State University in 2015, she packed up her belongings and left to travel the US. She settled in Illinois for nearly a year before fate brought her back to the Pacific Northwest in 2016. While working at a resort in the small town of Port Ludlow, Washington, she continued to search for a career in the field of Geology.

AJ and Rebecca were introduced to each other by mutual friends and their relationship bloomed. In June of 2017, AJ drove 195 miles, through the night, to surprise Rebecca for their first meeting. It was love at first sight and they were inseparable after that. With their combined passion for rocks, crystals, nature, and life their collection grew. After filling a house, backyard, garage, and storage unit with all they've collected, it was decided that some should be sold to make room for more and to help fund their expeditions. With success they were able to fund better equipment, the Micastro Mine claim, and more. This is how Castro's Minerals was created.

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